Whether you want buffalo, chicken, or anything in between. Here at Vinny's Pizza we have the best wings in NJ. And we'll happily show our customers that our quality and service is top of the line.

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If you're in the mood for a hoagie, then you've come to the right place. We're known for our pizza, but we're also known for our hoagies. They're fully built by you, and to your liking. We stick behind our one of a kind hoagies. Visit us today!

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We make our appetizers with the best ingredients and the best care around. We strive to make you happy when you come in and smell our food cooking. Our appetizers vary, visit us today to enjoy our one of a kind food.

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Welcome to Vinny's Pizza

It's one thing to have pizza and another to enjoy your pizza. At Vinny's Pizza, we want you to have your pizza and enjoy it, too. We make our pizza with the best ingredients to give you a delicious pizza experience.

We offer many customizations for our customers so no one is displeased when they order from us. From extra cheese to mushrooms, we have them all. Go check out our menu to see exactly what we have to offer, you won't be disappointed!

phone: (856) 461-5556
fax: (856) 461-2611
801 Burlington Ave, Delanco, NJ