Half cheesesteak, half buffalo

This pizza has a mixture of two completely different flavors, giving it a unique taste. This is a cheese steak, and buffalo chicken combination, loved by many, and a guaranteed choice if you're looking for a new and exciting pizza to try.

Half bacon cheddar burger, half capricciosa (Cheesesteak hoagie pizza)

If you're in the mood for a new and unique tasting flavor, this is the one to go for. With the double cheese cheesesteak combinations, with the other half being a vegitable sensation this can go well for any pizza lover.

Half margarita, half chicken tomato garlic basil

This pizza has a nice combination of chicken, our unique cheese, tomatoes, thin crust, and packs a punch. If you like a little bit of everything, this is the pizza for you!

Half bruschetta half zuccinni

This pizza, is one of our best. If you love roasted peppers, onion, pickels, garlic, and an amazing tasting pizza, then this is the right pizza to choose.

Focaccia (your choice of cheesesteak or itallian hoagie)

If you're looking for something different,unique, and tasty. Than this is the pizza you have been looking for. This pizza is garaunteed to please, and we recommend it to everyone to try. Come in and give it a go.

Primaveria (broccoli, tomato, garlic)

A vegitable paradise, topped with brocolli, tomatoes, cheese, and thin crust. This pizza is to sure to please anyone that tries it. If you're looking to keep it a little healthy, come down to Vinny's Pizza today!